Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inspiration Board fabric collection

 I have a real love for inspiration boards.  There is one in practically every room in my house.  That is where I got the idea to design a fabric that looks just like an inspiration board.

I ordered a fat quarter printed on Kona Cotton and attached it to a 15" x 15" cork board.  The fat quarter measures 21" x 18", so it wrapped nicely around the board.

I took out my favorite pushpins and a few swatches to show you what it looks like. I am dreaming of converting one of our bedrooms into a fabric design studio.  This will be a nice addition.

I thought this would be a fun place to put my fabric swatches.  A nice touch to a sewing room.

Here are some companion fabrics I used in my Inspiration Board Home Decor fabric collection.

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  1. beautiful post karen, lovely boards, love your blogs!


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