Saturday, June 14, 2014

Arranging Delphinium

When I find a garden that truly inspires, it is so easy to begin the design process.  Especially when I am listening to some lovely music as I paint.

Bees hum about pointing to the sweetest smelling flowers.

Delphinium...a flower that is so intricate in design, yet sturdy enough to grow so tall it towers over all the other flowers in the garden.

Inspiration followed and I designed a collection called Delphinium Gardens. 

I painted a few watercolor illustrations

and turned them into fabric collections.  I am still working on some ideas for Daisy Garland fabric collection.

The flowers in the gardens are so inspirational, I can't stop designing.

Spoonflower recently announced a new fabric, Faux Suede.  For fun I printed it on one of the Delphinium designs in my Delphinium Gardens collection.  I can't capture how beautiful it looks and feels.

My samples came back in my Delphinium Garden Collection.  They printed beautifully on Kona Cotton fabric.

This is just a small sampling of all the fabrics in the collection.  I have never used this green before, but I love the contrast against the Delphinium blue.

I also love the soft feeling of the Kona Cotton with my designs.  I can see a quilt in this happy design.
Delphinium Garden Fabric Collection on Spoonflower

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