Friday, September 5, 2014

Creating Faux Vintage Flowers with a Shabby Chic Style

The details of the wedding are coming together, and I was sewing something today for the ceremony.  I stopped to take a break and to create a new item that I have been thinking about.  Listening to Celine Dion sing The Color of My Love.

I love vintage roses, especially to decorate a gift, pin on a jacket or accessorize something or other.

Recently I painted pink cabbage roses and turned them into fabric.  Spoonflower has a lovely cotton voile, which looks similar to nylon that they use for vintage flowers. Soft and transparent enough to give the effect I wanted, I call the design A Shabby Chic Rose Soft.

I started off by ordering a fat quarter of this design in my shop on Spoonflower.  I had it printed in their soft cotton voile fabric.

I  cut out the flowers, and using the flower shape as my template, I cut out a few in plain nylon to go in-between the flower petals.  Stacking them to create a fat enough flower.

Sewing them together and alternating between the plain nylon flower petals and my cabbage rose petals.  Using a pretty pink button, I sewed it on to create the center of the flower blossom.

I used a circle of felt on the back to secure the flower and to allow me to later add a pin for my purse or lapel, or ribbon to  attach to a gift.

Sarah's Birthday is next week, so I wanted to use this one to go on top of her gift.  So, I sewed a bit of ribbon to tie to the ribbon around the gift.

I used my Pink Cabbage Roses on French Script gift wrap design to wrap her gift.  I then attached my pink rose flower to the top of the gift.
(I also have gift wrap available in the Pink Cabbage Roses Design).
Ta Da...some gift wrap, cut-out voile flower petals and a bit of stitches.

The fat quarter hosts enough petals for several flowers.
 Here it is all ready to present.  I found an aqua gift envelope to match perfectly.

Have a beautiful day filled with gifts and smiles.  Now back to my sewing project for the ceremony.

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